We are proud to represent in Australasia the very best of the world’s suppliers and manufacturers of equipment for the electronics manufacturing industry. Suppliers with long, proven track records of providing innovative, reliable solutions to your manufacturing needs.

Juki Corporation supplies high precision, high speed pick and place systems.

Komax offers a comprehensive range of machines to meet the demands of modern wire processing.
These wire processing machines can be combined with a broad range of accessories to create total solutions from a single source.

Kolb Cleaning Technology is one of the worlds leading companies in cleaning systems for the electronics manufacturing industry.
For PCBs, stencils, screens, frames, carriers – you name it, their products can clean it.

A global technology company and innovative solutions supplier to the wire processing and testing industry. Collectively, Schleuniger and its subsidiaries DiIT, adaptronic, and Cirris & serve customers spanning a broad range of industries.

Koh Young is the leading supplier for 3D measurement and inspection technology.

Storagesolutions is the leading provider of automatic storage systems for the electronics manufacturing industry

Mecal a world leader in making crimping presses and tooling.

Asscon is the leading developer and manufacturer of Vapour Phase Reflow Soldering Systems.

KIC’s profilers are Data Acquisition Tools that allow you to quickly and easily acquire an accurate product thermal profile.

Leading supplier of ground breaking, innovative selective soldering solutions .

Automated feeding systems for the Electronics Manufacturing industry.


Worldwide leader in work environment emission control systems

Industrial X-ray inspection systems.

Asia’s No.1 Solder Paste Screen Printer Manufacturer for Surface Mount Technologies and PCB Assembly Industries.

Amtech is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of specialty products and materials for the electronics assembly marketplace including solder pastes, tacky and liquid fluxes, solder powder, core wire and bar solder and process support products.

JAPAN UNIX Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of soldering equipment providing a diverse range of products, including soldering iron tips, heaters, soldering tools, and robotic soldering systems.

Autotronik products combines quality, flexibility and innovation in a complete range of pick & place solutions.

Loepfe provides a sophisticated range of hot stamping and wire marking processes.

Stripping and crimping systems

WDT – WEZAG develop and manufacture innovative and precise semiautomatic cable processing machines of the highest quality.

Utz produces a comprehensive range of conductive ESD (electrostatic discharge) storage systems to protect electronic components against electrostatic discharge.

Komax KabaTec – taping, insulation, bundling & marking for wire processing.

A renowned partner to the automotive and electronic industries focusing on resistance welding technology.

Equipment for cutting, crimping, stripping, dismantling cables & wireing.

Ultrasonic welding systems for compacting of wire ends, splicing and wire to terminal applications.

Leading manufacture of electronics manufacturing and SMT equipment including MPM printers, Electrovert soldering, Camalot dispensers & Vitronics ovens

ESD safe packaging, packaging materials and specialised products made in corrugated cardboard.

TSK develops and sells test systems and adaptation units for testing wire harnesses and further electrical- electronic assemblies and components.

Since its formation in 2003, JTU has gained an unrivalled reputation for providing a full range of high-quality products to the electronics manufacturing industry. In 2015, JTU has grown to release affordable premium own brand products.

Suppliers of Stencil rolls, ESD solutions

To provide the most technologically advanced, high-quality and high-performance SMT Stencils, the total integrated world-class solution to help boost the growth of the electronics industry

Producers of the SOMAKOTE series of heat curable SMD adhesives.

The world’s leading manufacturer of ‘High-specification’ computer printable durable labels.

A leader in wire processing automation serving the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries.

The difference is between seeing and easy RECOGNIZING.

FKN makes the largest variety of tools for separating PCB panels into single units.

Exact and easy soldering reworking stations with advanced technical know-how.

Products, equipment & services for the electronics manufacturing industry.

Ramatech Systems is a company that operates internationally and is one of the leading manufacturers of cable feeding systems and cable assembly machines

Kabelmat is one of the market leaders in the area of ​​winding, measuring and storage technology for the cable and wire industry and many other industries. Produces almost all devices and machines for processing cables, wires, pipes, steel cables, hoses and profiles.

For more then 25 years is Ebso the core competence centre for forming, cutting and kinking of traditional through hole components.

LASELEC is indisputably a leader in the world of new technologies and known worldwide as a specialist in lasers and electronics. They have unrivaled expertise in the field of UV Nd: YAG laser technology.

MAV is a specialized manufacturer of tensile and compressive force testers.


A high-tech company dedicated to providing auxiliary equipment for the SMT industry.

TopLine manufactures a wide range of daisy chain semiconductor packages for process development, experimentation, machine evaluation, solder training, and SMT assembly practice. TopLine products provide hands-on learning for engineers

SAYAKA have worked for automatic, energy saving machines for product developments and efficient production of customers. We have also developed PCB Separator through these core technology. SAYAKA is making an advantage of core technology and overall development capability for” mechanism, electronics and soft ware”.

Coil winding systems, motor winding systems, assembly systems.

VACUDEST wastewater evaporator systems from the leaders in zero liquid discharge production allow you to separate clean water from your industrial wastewater.