ISM Ultraflex 3600 - the ultimate in storage system capacity. Maximum capacity 3624 reels. Height of the reels freely configurable up to 88mm.
The ISM 2000 intelligent automatic storage system for SMD has been designed for optimal management of big dimensions reels, as well as astounding capacity
The ISM 1100 intelligent automatic warehouse for SMD coils is designed to provide optimum delivery performance as well as significant storage capacity
IMS 500 can store a wide variety of coils, microprocessors trays, SMT and PTH sticks, frames, stencil plates and many other materials.
The ISM 400 intelligent static warehouse provides the storage needs of the most varied types of components of you manufacturing process.
The advanced solution for the management of the material in the acceptance phase. The precise, fast and integrated system to track the incoming information in a complete and reliable way.
SMTech SMD Chip Counter
High accuracy, error free Chip Counter used for counting SMD components in tape/reel packing with optional bar code reader and label printing.
SMTech Vacuum Packer
Used for vacuum packing or air/gas filling electronics items(semi-conductor,chip,IC etc)
TechValley Hawkeye2000
The HAWKEYE 2000 is the latest revolution in X-ray chip counting systems. In order to meet the increasing demands of our customers, we have further increased efficiency and maximized the customer’s ROI.