Combination of the Komax Group and the Schleuniger Group is now completed. What does this mean for our market?

As most are already aware, a major development coming out of 2022 was the merger of the Komax Group and Schleuniger Group at an international level. Their goal, indisputable benchmark status in the wire processing industry.

To reflect this union, we are pleased to announce that Airbout and Suba Engineering have come to an agreement that Suba Engineering will take over the representation and distribution of Schleuniger Group in the Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific region commencing as of 11 July 2023.

The agreement between Airbout and Suba Engineering has been endorsed with full support and trust from the Komax-Schleuniger Group.

Significantly, this announcement coincides with Suba’s 40th anniversary and it is pleasing for us to see that our relationship with the Komax Group continues to strengthen and evolve. It is an exciting time for the wire processing and electronics manufacturing industry, and we are happy to be at the forefront of this significant and historic merge between two industry leaders. At Suba we face this new challenge with great enthusiasm and ambition.

We acknowledge and appreciate Airbout and their existing Schleuniger clients. Suba is committed to providing Airbout’s existing Schleuniger clients with the same service and support all Suba clients receive. We look forward to working closely with Airbout over the coming months as we transition to becoming the sole representative of the Komax-Schleuniger Group in the region.

We hope you are as excited about this announcement as we are.

We look forward to sharing more exciting news with you in the near future.